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Core Knowledge

Core Knowledge


What is Core Knowledge?

Core Knowledge was founded by E.D. Hirsch, Jr. in 1986 under the notion that "student’s ability to comprehend a passage was determined in part by the relative readability of the text, but even more by the student’s background knowledge." (https://www.coreknowledge.org/about-us/e-d-hirsch-jr/)

Core Knowledge is building knowledge with knowledge. The more your know, the more you can learn is the cornerstone for the Core Knowledge curriculum. The curriculum is developed to build background knowledge from one year to the next. Our students benefit from learning content that age appropriate in complexity.  

The Core Knowledge Foundation's mission is to "advance excellence and equity in education for all children." (www.coreknowledge.org

At Ridgeline Academy, our teachers have been trained in various aspects of Core Knowledge. They have developed grade level specific curriculum plans that maps out what is being taught and when during the school year. They have also be responsible for creating domain maps. A domain map is a Core Knowledge required document that provides the reader with learning pathway for the subject, prior and future knowledge, vocabulary and cross curricular links. 

Core Knowledge can be found on the walls of Ridgeline Academy and in our classrooms. Each grade level posts student work based on specific domains on the hallway walls.  As one tours our campus, they are able to view what domain is being taught, the guidelines on display and the students works. Our families are also invited to Showcase Nights in which the students display, perform, educate their families on a domain that has been selected by their teachers. 

Core Knowledge offers various resources for parents that will help them better understand Core Knowledge and know what their child(ren) will be learning in each specific grade level: 

  • What Your ___ Grader Need to Know
  • The Core Knowledge Sequence (Free Download on www.coreknowledge.org)
  • various books written by E.D. Hirsch, Jr.
  • Core Classics (Core Knowledge selected titles)
  • Realms of Gold (anthology of the shorter literary works specified in the Core Knowledge Sequence)

2017-2018 Ridgeline Showcase Schedule

All Ridgeline families are invited to attend our grade level showcase nights. 

Kindergarten: Plants- November 2, 2017

Grade 1: Fairy Tales- May 10, 2018

Grade 2: Greek Myths- November 30, 2017

Grade 3: Astronomy- March 2018

Grade 4: African Kingdoms-                  December 19, 2017 

Grade 5: Science Fair- Chemistry, Forces and Motion, and Matter- April 13, 2018

Grade 6: Science Fair & SS Visual Aids- Greece & Rome- January 11, 2018

Music Class Showcase:  Grades 8B and 5B- October 5th


For more information about Core Knowledge, please visit www.coreknowledge.org