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Crystal Telep


Crystal Telep

My favorite quote is "everyone makes mistakes, that's why pencils have erasers" [Wolfgang Riebe]

I didn't want to get into teaching, I wanted to be a lawyer. I started my teaching career by accident more than anything. Being a serious tiger momma, I decided to get a job as a preschool para, so I could be with my youngest son. Within 3 months, I had my own classroom, and within two years I was teaching my first class of first graders. Watching my students grow and learn daily, I quickly realized that my place was in the classroom. I have never looked back. I have taught first and fifth grade, and now my focus is on supporting teachers and students in all grade levels. During the summer, I teach teachers too. I teach because I love making a difference in peoples' lives. Each day when I come to work, I get the reward of making a difference. Teaching has also given me the luxury of  being with my children more and watching my two boys grow. It is hard to believe that I got into teaching when my youngest  son was in preschool, and now he is going to be a sophomore and my eldest a senior. 

You can reach me at ctelep@ridgelineacademy.org.