School Governance

The Governing Board of Ridgeline Academy meets at the school on the second Monday of each month at 4 p.m. The Board is charged with establishing and overseeing school policy and the annual budget. They approve the curriculum, school calendar, class schedule and the hiring or dismissal of all staff. The Governing Board is a working board with active sub-committees.

The notice and agenda of the Governing Board meetings are posted 24 hours in advance in the school office. Meetings are open to the public, with the exception of executive sessions, and are held at the school. The minutes of the Governing Board meetings will be available at the school within three business days following the meeting.

For more information, you may stop in to the school for a copy.

For a copy of Ridgeline Academy's hearing notification and 2018 proposed budget, please click here.


Current Directors:

  • Brandon Yancey, President
  • Jason Klonoski, Treasurer
  • Kristine Burnett, Secretary
  • John Riddell, Member at Large
  • Steve Bryan, Member at Large
  • Joan Lange, Member Emeritus
  • Abigail Thurnstrom, Member Emeritus


meeting minutes & Agendas

October 2017 Board Meeting   Agenda   September Meeting Minutes

November 2017 Board Meeting   Agenda   October Meeting Minutes

December 2017 Board Meeting   Agenda   November Meeting Minutes

January 2018 Board Meeting   Agenda   December Meeting Minutes

February 2018 Board Meeting 

Previous meeting minutes are available in the school office upon request.