Kristen Maroney

My favorite quote is "don't let anyone dull your sparkle." I love this quote because I feel like everyone has an individual sparkle, like a strength that makes them who they are. For some, it may be in academics. For some it may be in athletics, drama or music. Whatever it is, I feel like you need to never let anyone make you feel inferior or unworthy. You need to let that sparkle shine and show the world that you are loved and that you are a confident, successful and important individual worthy of others respect and admiration.

I became an educator because I have been working with kids since I was 10 years old. My passion for working with kids began with a babysitting course I took through my community library one summer. From that summer on, I have never tired of working with and making connections with students. One of my favorite parts of the job is the relationships I get to have with each individual student. I love to learn about their hobbies, sports, home lives, etc.

I am a Chicago girl born and bred. I have been teaching for 20 years ( 18 of those here in Arizona). I have taught every grade level between kinder and fourth. I have two beautiful children. My son, Tanner is going to be a sophomore at Pinnacle High School this year and my daughter, Tatum is going to be a seventh-grader this year at Ridgeline. As a family, we are always busy with football (Go Pioneers!) or cheer practice. When we do have a break, we love to travel and experience new adventures. We also love to spend time with our two dogs, Durango and Sprinkles.

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