Message from the Principal

Welcome to Ridgeline Academy

Our school community strives to create an environment of mutual respect and shared responsibility; to model enthusiasm for thinking, learning and doing; to provide a rigorous curriculum with high standards and expectations; and to ensure future success in secondary and post-secondary endeavors. Our teachers and administrators take seriously the responsibility of providing a top-notch, quality education to students in a structured, character-based environment.

Parent/guardian involvement is highly valued at Ridgeline Academy. We encourage you to participate in your student’s educational programs. As you know, there is an important relationship between parent/guardian attitudes towards school and their student’s attitudes. Positive feelings greatly enhance a student’s chances of developing to their full potential at school. For this reason, please do not hesitate to contact us about any matter concerning your student’s education. Your input will always be welcome.

Communication within the school community is also highly valued at Ridgeline Academy. To ensure that open lines of communication are maintained, classroom information will be sent home regularly by teachers, a school calendar/newsletter will be sent home monthly by the administration, and the school’s website at will be updated to provide current information about school happenings.

We look forward to working with you to provide a learning environment that is exciting and challenging for all students.

Our Mission

Ridgeline Academy exists to foster critical thinking among students, promote academic excellence and instill a culture of life-long learning.

Our Values

Ridgeline Academy provides families with a community school culture and small class sizes with an enriched Core Knowledge curriculum and high academic expectations in a respect-based learning environment supported by character-based education.  Our values are grounded in the belief that students are literate in all subjects; are independent and critical thinkers; and are life-long learners and achievers.