How to Apply

Any student eligible to attend an Arizona public school may enroll. See below for Kindergarten admission requirements.

Fill out the online enrollment forms, or visit the school office school office between 8:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. to pick up an enrollment packet. 

It is the responsibility of the parent to keep the school informed of their current address and phone number. If you change your address or phone number at any time during the year, please notify
the school.

To schedule a campus tour, please call the school at 623-223-1335.

Kindergarten Admission


Students must be 5 years of age by August 31 to be admitted into Kindergarten and 6 years of age by August 31 to be admitted into First Grade.


Students that will reach the required age for Kindergarten by December 31 may be admitted if deemed academically ready by school administration, in consultation with the parent/ guardian and teachers if there are available Kindergarten placements. Consultation among the parent/guardian, teachers, and school administration for non-standard admissions to Kindergarten shall consist of the following procedures: (1) the student shall reach the age of 5 by December 31 of that academic year; (2) the student will have a sibling enrolled in the school or a sibling will be enrolled concurrently for the school year in question; and (3) the student will be given a Readiness Screening including attending kindergarten boot camp at Ridgeline prior to admittance. The results will be given to the parent/guardian.

After initial acceptance, the student will be given a two-week trial attendance period during which time the teacher will assess the student’s ability to keep up with the class and after the two-week trial attendance period, the teacher will continually assess the student’s progress. If, in the opinion of the teacher, the student is not maintaining adequate academic and/or social progress, the teacher and school administration will hold a conference with the parent/guardian to determine continued enrollment. The decision of the school administration shall be final and binding.

Notwithstanding any of the above, the school will comply with all enrollment requirements for charter schools that are sponsored by the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools (ASBCS).

"My son was in both weeks of the Kindergarten bootcamp this past summer and I can't say enough good about it! He was excited to start school and the "first day jitters" were no where to be found. He was able to meet friends that would be in his class as well as get comfortable with the teachers. I would highly recommend this to any parent!" - a 2015 Kindergarten parent
"Kindergarten bootcamp was a fantastic way for my son to experience Kindergarten for the first time! It allowed him to attend campus and see what the classroom, cafeteria and play area would be like without the intimidation of so many kids present. He got to meet some classmates and teachers so there were some familiar faces & places on the first day of school. Best of all, he was able to experience a full day curriculum, get a good understanding of the types of activities he would be doing. It also gave the teachers a chance to assess him so there was no wasted time once school started. Attending Kindergarten bootcamp definitely prepared my child for the expectations of school and eased his anxieties of the first day. I highly recommend Kindergarten Bootcamp for all incoming Kindergarteners!" - a 2015 Kindergarten parent