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Ridgeline Town Hall Meetings

Ridgeline will periodically host Town Hall meetings to allow parents and/or community members an opportunity to voice opinions about Ridgeline, suggest new ideas or improvements, or ask questions of the Board of Directors.

Visit the calendar to find out about upcoming meetings.

The goal for these meetings is to enhance communication and encourage positive dialogue. All constructive suggestions and comments are welcome.  Matters will not be presented for a vote.

Although these meetings are intended to be an open forum, the following rules of order will be enforced to promote civility and ensure that anyone who wishes to be heard may be:

  • 90 minutes will be set aside for the meeting (although the meeting may be adjourned early if the agenda is completed).
  • Each person wishing to discuss an issue at the meeting may reserve time by:
    • (In advance) Submitting an agenda request to rhed@Ridgeline.TeamCFA.orgwith his/her name and the topic s/he wishes to address; or
    • (At the meeting) Providing his/her name and the topic s/he wishes to address at the designated table before the meeting is called to order.
  • The President will designate a Chair to moderate the meeting. The Chair has sole power to recognize each speaker and grant him/her the floor.
  • When recognized, each speaker has two minutes to deliver initial remarks on the noticed topic. 
  • After the speaker has completed his/her initial remarks, anyone in attendance who wishes to comment on or pose a question about the topic presented must stand or raise a hand to be recognized by the Chair. Questions or comments will not be allowed until after the speaker has finished his/her remarks, and attendees may not attempt to interrupt a speaker with questions or comments. Questions, comments, or responses will be limited to 30 seconds each.
  • While a person is speaking, no interruptions will be tolerated (verbal or otherwise). The Chair will extend one warning to any person who makes any outburst or interruption when s/he does not have the floor, or who makes an inappropriate comment or personal attack. A second offense will result in dismissal from the meeting.
  • These rules apply to all in attendance.
Keven Barker