Letter from Mr. Barker regarding Thursday, April 26th

April 25, 2018

Dear Ridgeline Academy Families:

Starting tomorrow, thousands of Arizona educators are uniting in an effort to bring attention to education funding in our state. Many of these educators plan on attending rallies at the State Capitol resulting in the closures of more than 100 Arizona schools—an act that is expected to affect more than 840,000 of Arizona’s 1.1 million school age students. Thank you for your patience and understanding as our campus, and educators around the state, make plans surrounding this Red for Ed teacher work stoppage.
Ridgeline Academy will be open during the Arizona teacher work stoppage unless you receive notification from the school otherwise. We will do our best to provide information 24 hours prior to the start of school, but will always provide notification at least 12 hours before the start of school.

We are proud of our dedicated educators as they represent us at the state capitol and find ways to maintain safe operations on our campus. Thursday, Coach Greenwald and several of our educators are planning a field day for our students. Athletic dress is appropriate, but not required. Ridgeline spirit shirts are preferred to show support for our school and our teachers. Athletic shorts are also acceptable for Thursday, April 26th. Our traditional school uniforms are always a suitable clothing choice at Ridgeline Academy.

The Puppet Show that was originally scheduled will also go on as planned.
Our campus is planning to return to normal operation for Friday, April 27th. Friday is a half day, and Ridgeline Spirit attire or school uniforms are appropriate.

We appreciate our dedicated employees who continue to focus on meeting the needs of our students and our community. Thank you for your continued support of Ridgeline Academy, our teachers, and most importantly your students.


Keven Barker