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Core Knowledge

Core Knowledge was founded by E.D. Hirsch, Jr. in 1986 under the notion that "student’s ability to comprehend a passage was determined in part by the relative readability of the text, but even more by the student’s background knowledge." (https://www.coreknowledge.org/about-us/e-d-hirsch-jr/)


Core Knowledge is building knowledge with knowledge. The more your know, the more you can learn is the cornerstone for the Core Knowledge curriculum. The curriculum is developed to build background knowledge from one year to the next. Our students benefit from learning content that age appropriate in complexity.  

The Core Knowledge Foundation's mission is to "advance excellence and equity in education for all children." (www.coreknowledge.org)


At Ridgeline Academy, our teachers have been trained in various aspects of Core Knowledge. They have developed grade level specific curriculum plans that maps out what is being taught and when during the school year. They have also be responsible for creating domain maps. A domain map is a Core Knowledge required document that provides the reader with learning pathway for the subject, prior and future knowledge, vocabulary and cross curricular links.


Core Knowledge can be found on the walls of Ridgeline Academy and in our classrooms. Each grade level posts student work based on specific domains on the hallway walls.  As one tours our campus, they are able to view what domain is being taught, the guidelines on display and the students works. Our families are also invited to Showcase Nights in which the students display, perform, educate their families on a domain that has been selected by their teachers.


Core Knowledge offers various resources for parents that will help them better understand Core Knowledge and know what their child(ren) will be learning in each specific grade level:

  • What Your ___ Grader Need to Know

  • The Core Knowledge Sequence (Free Download on www.coreknowledge.org)

  • various books written by E.D. Hirsch, Jr.

  • Core Classics (Core Knowledge selected titles)

  • Realms of Gold (anthology of the shorter literary works specified in the Core Knowledge Sequence)



2017-2018 Ridgeline Showcase Schedule

All Ridgeline families are invited to attend our grade level showcase nights.

Kindergarten: Plants- November 2, 2017

Grade 1: Fairy Tales- May 10, 2018

Grade 2: Greek Myths- November 30, 2017

Grade 3: Astronomy- March 2018

Grade 4: African Kingdoms- December 19, 2017

Grade 5: Science Fair- Chemistry, Forces and Motion, and Matter- April 13, 2018

Grade 6: Science Fair & SS Visual Aids- Greece & Rome- January 11, 2018

Music Class Showcase: Grades 8B and 5B- October 5th



For more information about Core Knowledge, please visit www.coreknowledge.org



Athletics for Grades 5–8 are provided for the following sports:


Flag Football

Girls Volleyball

Cross Country


Boys Basketball




Girls Basketball

Co-Ed Soccer


*All game schedules are tentative and subject to change. Please check the Arizona Canyon Athletic Association webpage for up-to-date schedules and game locations.


Students interested in participating must complete an Athletics Participation Packet and obtain a Sports Physical Examination. Tryouts for athletics are held the in August for Fall Sports; November for Winter Sports, and March for Spring Sports. Practices are held between 3:30 p.m.–5:30 p.m. on Mondays through Fridays, depending on the sport. A practice schedule will be provided by the head coach. Ridgeline Academy is a proud member of the Arizona Canyon Athletic Association.


Ridgeline Athletic Participation Form

Sports Physical Form



Student Council

Student Council consists of school officers and class representatives from Grades 5-8. The five goals of Student Council are leadership, diversity, academic achievement, school/community involvement, and school spirit. Student Council elections are held the second week of school. Ridgeline Academy’s Student Council is a new member of the Arizona Association of Junior High Student Councils.

Weekly Meeting Schedule:

Thursdays, 3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.


National Junior Honor Society

National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) is an academic honors organization for students in grades 6-8 with grade point averages of 3.75 or higher. The five pillars of NJHS are scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship.  NJHS applications are taken and inductions are held the first quarter of school.

Weekly Meeting Schedule:

Thursdays 7:30 a.m. – 8 a.m.


K – 5 Clubs

Student interest clubs for Kindergarten through Grade 5 are provided by outside vendors.  Interested parties register directly with the organization. Please contact the front office for more information.


External Activity Providers

Future Stars

"Future Stars, character, accountability and success through sports."

Future Stars is bringing their unique, fun and exciting after school programs to Ridgeline Academy! This awesome program teaches important character components, ensuring that your child is learning, compassion, hard work, selflessness, kindness, sportsmanship and perseverance.


Offering lessons in Archery, Soccer, Cheerleading, Dance and Basketball with top of the line coaches. Pricing includes T-shirts and all practice sessions. Sign up now using the link below, or call 623-326-4267.  All programs and practices will take place on the Ridgeline Academy Campus.

Space is limited, and classes fill up fast. Don't miss is opportunity to be part of the fastest growing quality youth sports organization in Arizona!



Chess Emporium

The Chess Emporium was founded in Phoenix in 1993. Since that time, they have become one of the nation's premier providers of scholastic chess tournaments and instruction.

Presently, Chess Emporium offers chess clubs at over 300 schools across the valley including the club at Ridgeline Academy. Students take part in regional and state tournaments, and in our short tenure, the Ridgeline Academy chess team has already received both individual and team honors in state competition.

Chess can help students increase their math, verbal skills, and their creative thinking abilities. Chess also helps students develop self-discipline, concentration, critical insights, analysis, and writing skills.

All grades are welcome, and spots fill up quickly!  Join Chess Emporium to develop a skill you can use for a lifetime!



Young Rembrandts

The Ultimate Drawing Experience for Grades 1 - 5!


Young Rembrandts teaches drawing with a see-then-do method ensuring success regardless of artistic ability! Watch your child's creativity & critical thinking skills soar.



Extended Care


Extended care hours are as follows:


AM Program – 6:00 am – 7:30 am

PM Program – 3:15 pm – 6:00 pm

Early Dismissal Days – 12:00 – 6:00 pm


More information about the program can be found at https://innovationlearning.com/ridgeline-academy/


Parent University

Parent University


Ridgeline Academy is proud to introduce Parent University. Parent University provides parents and caregivers learning opportunities that will allow for increased engagement and understanding in their children's educational process. It will aid in empowering parents to raise children who are successful in school, college and career.


Sessions focus on child development, effective parenting skills, and academic needs and interests. The classes are presented by local educators, law enforcement and  community members. All parents and caregivers are invited. Childcare will be provided.

August Session: Love & Logic

The first session is entitled Love & Logic. It will be held on Thursday, August 10th at 6pm. This session will be an introduction to Love & Logic. It will be lead by Sue Addy, an educator and trained Love & Logic facilitator.


"The Love and Logic approach to parenting is built around the science of crafting caring and respectful relationships. An authentic, loving connection between parents and their children is the root of a healthy, thriving relationship built on trust and understanding." (www.loveandlogic.com)  


Interested in signing up for this session? Click here.

September Session: Core Knowledge

We will be offering Core Knowledge as our second session on Thursday, September 14th at 6pm. Ridgeline Academy prides itself providing our students with an education that is rich in literature, vocabulary while building background knowledge. This Parent University session will provide our parents with a better understand of what Core Knowledge is, how it benefits your child, how our teachers use it in the classroom and the different resources offered to parents.

If you are interested in Parent University: Core Knowledge, click here to sign up.

October Session: Internet Safety

Ridgeline Academy has asked Phoenix Police Department to come to campus to talk to our parents about internet safety on Thursday, October 19th at 6pm. In today's ever changing world of technology, it is helpful to hear from the experts what to look for and how can we keep out children safe on the internet, in social and on smartphones.

If you are interested in Parent University: Internet Safety, click here to sign up.

November Session: High School Night

Ridgeline Academy has invited various local high school to attend our High School night. We understand the stress that researching and visiting can cause. This is a wonderful opportunity to visit various high schools, ask them questions and see if they might be the best fit for your child. The event is scheduled for Tuesday, November 14th at 6pm.

February Session: RAZ Kids & AR (Accelerated Reader)

Ridgeline Academy is proud of the efforts put forth by its educators to empower our students to grow as life long learners. We encourage our students to read at least 20 minutes each night. To support these efforts our teachers are utilizing two supplemental resources in the classroom.  At the Parent University, some of our teachers will be sharing the benefits to using both RAZ Kids and AR in the classroom environment. The event is schedule for Thursday, February 22nd at 6:00 pm.

March Session: Reunification Drill

On Thursday, March 29th, Ridgeline Academy will take part in its second reunification drill.  Local law enforcement recommends that we complete reunification drills every three years. We are planning the drill for our half day to be the least inconvenient time for our families.


In order to prepare for our reunification drill, we invite our parents to join us and representatives from local law enforcement to cover what this drill will look like four our campus, our students, and your families.  We will be hosting a Parent University from 6 - 7 pm on Thursday, March 22nd.


During our last drill we were able to evacuate our campus and complete our reunification drill in approximately one hour, which was significantly faster than law enforcement anticipated.  Most schools have never attempted a reunification because of the time, systems, and infrastructure required.