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School Policies

School Policies


An immunization record is kept for each student.  In order to keep this record up to date, please inform the school office when your child has an immunization update.  If your child contracts a communicable disease, such as strep throat, chicken pox, etc. please contact school administration so we may notify other families with children who were exposed.

Please notify school administration of any allergies, illnesses or health conditions which may affect student performance at school.

Attendance Policy

Arizona Compulsory Attendance law requires that every person from seven (7) to eighteen (18) years of age attend school every day unless otherwise excused by statute or other legitimate authority. Attendance plays a vital role in education.  Students who attend school on a regular basis are better able to keep up with their classes and complete assignments in a timely manner.

Being absent from school for one day, or even from one class period, without acceptable cause is truancy.  

  Evidence of habitual truancy includes, but is not necessarily limited to: 

  • Failure of parent/guardian to ensure that his/her child attends school or classes as required by law
  •  Five (5) or more absences/tardies from classes in one grading period; or
  • Seven (7) or more absences/tardies from school during one school year

When children are not in the classroom, consistent and sustainable learning is impeded.  Ridgeline Academy staff and administration have made intentional attempts in bringing the importance of regular attendance to your attention.  Our policy is as follows:

1.       When a student is absent from school, parents/guardians will receive a call from the school, regardless of the reason for absence.

2.       When a student has accumulated seven (7) or more unexcused absences and/or tardies in a school year, parents/guardians will receive a letter reiterating the importance of attendance and our policy.

3.       When a student has accumulated ten (10) or more unexcused absences and/or tardies in a school year, parents/guardians must meet with school administration to complete an attendance contract for improving attendance.

4.       When a child has accumulated fifteen (15) or more unexcused absences and/or tardies in a school year, a formal letter is sent home stipulating that a referral to the Juvenile Justice Center is pending, and that the student may be subject to retention.

Procedures for Attendance

1.       Attendance is taken daily at 8:00 a.m. 

2.       Students arriving after the bell must get a pass from the office before continuing to the classroom, and are marked tardy.

3.       Parents or guardians are to call the Absent & Tardy Line (623-223-1335) if their child will be absent or tardy.  

4.       Absences are to be certified in writing by the parent/guardian on the first day the child returns to school.

Absences from School

An excused absence or tardy is one for which no negative consequence is assessed against the student. Students who are absent from or late to school for a valid reason are required to provide supporting written documentation.  Students must bring to the front office written documentation on the day that they return to school. The written documentation must include the date or time and a legitimate reason for the absence. Approval of excused absences is made by school administration.

Parents/Guardians should notify the school as soon as they know the student will be absent.  Please provide the following information: (1) Name of the caller; (2) Student’s name and grade; (3) Reason for absence; and (4) Date of return to school.  

Tardiness to School

If your student is arriving to school between 8:00 and 8:15 a.m., they will receive a tardy pass from the front office prior to going to their classroom. Parents/ guardians are not required to sign the student into school.

If your student is arriving to school after 8:15 a.m., please bring them to the office to sign in and receive a tardy pass to class.  Students will not be allowed to enter class without a pass.  Students with excessive tardies will be subject to attendance procedures specified in the attendance policy above.  At Ridgeline Academy, three tardies are equal to one absence.  

Early Release from School

If a student must leave school before the end of the day, a note to that effect must be brought from home.  Parents/guardians are to report to the school office to sign out their student before leaving the campus during the school day. Early release from school is only approved in the event of student illness, a medical appointment or a family emergency.  To minimize absences, try to make appointments after 3:30 pm.

No student will be released from school after 2:30 pm without prior approval from the school director.

The school administration will follow-up and investigate all unexcused absences, including late arrivals and early dismissals. A student, who skips class or leaves the campus without written permission from school administration will be considered truant and will result in an unexcused absence and disciplinary action.

Withdrawal Policy

The Superintendent of Public Instruction has issued a standardized process which must be used for student withdrawal from school (ARS 15-827).  A student withdrawal form is available in the school office.  Upon completion of the form, the parent and the student must meet with a school administrator for signature and exit interview before the withdrawal is processed.  Records will be processed, in accordance to state statute, only after this exit interview.

Promotion/Retention Policy

Students who fail one core course (language arts, math, science, and social studies) for the school year, in order to be given credit and promoted, must:

1.       Attend an approved summer school program for which they have provided the school with a course syllabus for approval.

2.       Successfully complete the course requirements.

3.       Receive a proficient score or its equivalent on the NWEA or AzMerit Assessment.

Eighth grade students will not be promoted to high school without meeting these criteria.

Students who fail more than one core course may not be promoted.

Special Education students will need to meet the criteria set forth in their Individual Education Plans (IEP’s) to be promoted.

Whenever possible, a student’s teacher will notify a parent/guardian of possible retention prior to December 31st of the current school year.  If notified, school administration and teachers will hold a conference with the parent/guardian to discuss the appropriate plans and placement for the student.

Parents/Guardians may schedule an appointment with their child(s)’ teacher or school administration at any time to discuss the best placement for the student at any time.  

Discipline Philosophy/Policy

To promote appropriate behavior, Ridgeline Academy, Inc. maintains expectations and stated actions taken to promote positive behavior that are clearly defined and understood by students; incentives to support positive behavior and meaningful interventions to prevent negative behavior; and clearly defined and consistently enforced procedures to correct negative behavior.  The Code of Conduct sets forth the behavior expectations and discipline procedures of the school.


In the event a student is assigned detention or suspension for any reason, it shall be served on the day(s) designated. Detention will always be served at a predetermined time and location as defined by school administration, not the parent/guardian or student. Detention is not assigned to be served at a student’s convenience. If the student is in school but fails to report to detention for any reason, the penalty will be suspension. If the student has an appointment or other conflict with his/her scheduled detention; the appointment or other conflict will have to be changed or rescheduled, not the detention.

Uniform Dress Code

Students are required to wear the approved school uniform. Parents/guardians of students who come to school inappropriately dressed will be contacted and required to bring appropriate dress to the school. Students will face disciplinary actions which may include in-school suspension until appropriate dress is provided by the parent/guardian.  Please contact the school office for a list preferred school uniform vendors.

The approved school uniform is as follows:

Shirts: A blue or orange polo shirt with the Ridgeline Academy logo from an approved vendor is the only acceptable uniform shirt.

●     Undershirts must be a solid color.

●     Polo shirts and undershirts must be tucked in at all times.

●     Shirts/tops/blouses must be long enough to stay tucked in with your arms raised.

●     Shirts that are oversized or too tight are not allowed.

●     Button down shirts in uniform colors are also acceptable—ties are also permitted when worn with a button down shirt.

●     School athletics issued jerseys/uniforms are allowed on game days only.

●     No undergarments may show.

Pants: Dark navy blue or khaki, industrial uniform style pants (Dockers brand is an example of an appropriate pant style), walking shorts, skirts, culottes, or jumpers (girls only) of the appropriate length and fit are allowed.  

●     No athletic wear is allowed.  This includes fleece, spandex, and nylon (windbreaker material).

●     The length of the pants may not cover shoes or be dragging on the floor.

●     Shorts may cover the knee but may not go past the knee.

●     Shorts and skirts must be as long as the end of the fingers when arms are at the side.

●     Slits in skirts, dresses, or pants are not allowed.

●     No oversized/baggy/loose fit pants or shorts will be allowed.

●     Belts are not required.

●     Leggings or tights are permitted to be worn underneath skirts/ skorts/ dresses. Leggings or tights must be solid and neutral in color.

Sweaters/ Sweatshirts: Sweaters, sweatshirts and sweater vests are permitted, but only when they are appropriate for the climate outdoors or in the classroom. No vulgar, lewd, obscene or distracting messages are allowed on apparel. Administration reserves the right to define appropriate messages/ logos.

Shoes: Shoes must be closed-toe and closed-heel.  Shoes may not have heels or platforms, wheels, lights, make noise or be otherwise distracting in nature.  Administration reserves the right to define “distracting”.

The following items are not permitted

•       Hats, caps or any headwear are permitted to be worn inside the school building.

•       No tattoos (temporary or other)

•       No facial piercing

•       No unnatural hair color or hair styles (hair spikes longer than two inches).  Hair must be neat, clean, and well-groomed.  Hairstyles should not create a safety and/or health hazard and/or interfere with the educational environment of the school. Administration reserves the right to define what is deemed “interfering” within the school environment.

•       No buttons, jewelry, or other accessories which contain vulgar, lewd, obscene or other messages which may lead to substantial interference with school activities—This includes backpacks and notebooks that are written on inappropriately.

Spirit Fridays- Students need to be in approved uniform tops or spirit shirts on Fridays but may wear denim bottoms.

****Administration will have final say regarding any issue related to dress code****

Homework Policy

Homework is assigned to aid each student in time management, personal responsibility, the strengthening of basic skills, the practice of skills for concepts taught in class, developing initiative, and fostering independent learning.  Homework will also keep parents/guardians involved in their student’s daily work, academic progress and the curriculum at Ridgeline Academy.  At Ridgeline Academy, homework assignments empower learning, through projects that allow creativity and expansion of ideas. Teachers carefully consider the purpose and relevance behind homework assignments to ensure homework will promote a quality and meaningful learning experience.

Homework may be assigned for each grade level in accordance with grade-level specific developmental needs.  Daily homework will be due on the next school day unless otherwise designated by the course instructor.  Students are required to complete all homework assignments.  Students that do not complete all homework assignments are required to attend Homework Club. Students will be responsible for contacting their parents/guardians should they be assigned homework club.  These student(s) may be referred to administration for disciplinary action.

Students that fail or have repeated violations of the Homework policy may be subject to additional disciplinary action, up to and including suspension or expulsion from school. 

Make Up Homework

Students are expected to complete all homework and assignments missed due to absence. In the case of illness or other unexpected absence, parents/guardians may contact the school office to request homework and assignments be prepared for pick-up during normal business hours.  It is the responsibility of the student and parent/guardian to ensure make up homework and assignments are completed.

Failure to complete missed homework and assignments may result in a lower class grade and disciplinary action.

Mandatory Support Policy

Students whose grades fall below a satisfactory, “C,” level in any core class may be offered an opportunity to receive additional support.  Teachers will place selected students on a Support Contract.  This contract may require, but is not limited to, additional assignments, outside study time, peer support, tutoring, or any other item the teacher or school director feel may support the appropriate development of the student.  The student will be required to complete all items included in the Support Contract until his/her grade returns to a satisfactory, or “C,” level or an additional, previously agreed upon benchmark.

Student Textbook Policy

Ridgeline Academy, Inc. will assign each student with a textbook.  These textbooks are the property of Ridgeline Academy, Inc. and are on loan to students.  State law requires students to be responsible for the care of textbooks and related material assigned to them. Students issued a textbook(s) are considered to be fully responsible for the care and return of that book to the appropriate designee in the condition in which it was signed out to them. Textbooks not returned (i.e. lost, stolen, etc.) or rendered unusable (i.e. broken binding, water damage, missing pages, etc.) are assessed a full replacement cost for that book, and textbooks considered to be returned in a condition different from its first issue to that student (i.e. written markings, ripped, excessive damage, etc.) are assessed a damage or replacement fees. Administration has final authority in determining the condition of textbooks and levying damage or replacement fees. (ARS 15-727 & 15-729)

Students must pay any and all costs assessed on issued textbooks while in their possession. Until all fines are paid in full, students will not be issued another textbook, and student services, including student activities, athletics, or other extracurricular programs may be denied. Official student grades and official transcripts may also be withheld. (ARS 15-727 & 15-729)

Parents’ Right to Know

The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001 [Section 111 (h) (6)] gives parents the right to request and, in a timely manner/understandable format, receive their child’s assessment data and the qualifications of their child’s classroom teachers. Please contact the school administration to review this information. 

Equal Educational and Employment Opportunity

Ridgeline Academy, Inc. provides a nondiscriminatory learning environment, ensuring that all students and staff are free from discrimination regarding race, color, ethnicity, national origin, gender, religion and disability. A lack of English language skills will not be a barrier to admission and participation in the education programs of the school. This commitment extends to all school programs and school sponsored events. In the event a student experienced discrimination, the student should report the incident to the school administration immediately. The inability of a student to speak English should not prevent the student from reporting a violation. Every reasonable measure to interpret the non-English speaker’s concerns will be taken. Federal law prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, or disability. If an alleged incident is not resolved at the school level the complainant may contact the school’s compliance officer.  The compliance officer handles all complaints under Title IX, Title VI, Section 504 and the ADA.

Playground Rules

All recesses of the school day are supervised by administrators, teachers or staff members. The rules of the recess are as follows:

1.       Show respect for others.

2.       Follow adult directions politely.

3.       Play safely and fairly.

4.       Use playground equipment as intended.

5.       Practice good sportsmanship at all times.

6.       Settle conflicts peacefully.

7.       Play only in the designated recess areas.

8.       Play safe, non-violent games (no tackling, grabbing clothing, tripping, or pushing).

9.       Obtain permission from a teacher or staff member before leaving the recess area.

10.    Do not play tag or use sports equipment around the playground structures.