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Every tax-paying person gets $200 from the government to give to whatever 501(c)3 organization they choose. The catch is that the donation must be given to an organization before it will be reimbursed in your taxes. If every Ridgeline parent gave the tax credit donation, we would be able to pay for all sports for the next three years and the Patriot Challenge for 75 students!

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Once you fill out the form online, bring a check in person to the front office. We are working on getting an online platform for donations.

Competition Prizes 

1.The first class to 100% participation will get a field trip!

2.Each parent who donates at least $50 will get a “parent’s night out.” This event will be in January. Your student(s) will be treated to a movie  and snacks at Ridgeline while you get a few hours to yourself!

3.All classes that reach 100% participation will celebrate with a field day or pizza party.